GRIEF SEMINAR: Enhancing Cross Cultural Understanding of Grief

Hosted by Ryan's Place, The SOURCE and Goshen College


Enhancing Cross Cultural Understanding of Grief

The death of a family member or friend is life altering to those close to them. Grief touches all areas of our life and is experienced mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially. While grief is a universal experience and normal reaction to loss, grief may manifest in the lives of people in a variety of ways. Grief is impacted by many factors, including our personality, preferences, family, culture, and beliefs, to name a few. This seminar will explore how a person’s death impacts individuals close to them and how a person’s death reverberates throughout a community. We will explore how public losses from violent deaths to COVID deaths impact how we grieve as a society. We will discuss various cultural aspects of grief and loss throughout our communities and ideas for awareness, engagement, and inclusion within groups providing bereavement support. We share approaches to care, techniques for providing support, and ideas for delivery methods that are client centered and comprehensive. 

Session One: Our Role as Bereavement Professionals and Volunteers – Includes Ethical Consideration for the Grieving Community

  • Understanding The Nature of Grief
  • Assimilation, Accommodation, and Adaptation after Loss (Individually and as a community)
  • The Role of the Bereavement Professional and Volunteer
  • Understand the 6 Ethical Principles of Grief

Session Two: Community Awareness, Engagement, and Inclusion

  • Community Awareness, Engagement, Inclusion vs. Community Outreach
  • Community Dynamics, Perceptions, and Perspectives
  • Acknowledgement and Setting Intentions

Session Three: Approaches, Techniques, and Service Delivery Methods

  • Perspective Building and Meaning Making
  • Gestalt Techniques and Grief Support
  • Non-Traditional Service Delivery Models
Date: Friday, September 22, 2023

Location: College Mennonite Church at Goshen College (1900 S Main St., Goshen, IN 46525)

Cost: $40 for Students and Retirees, $90 for Standard Attendees

Included: 6 CEUs (including 1 Ethics)

Seminar Objectives:

  1. Comprehend the six ethical principles of grief and apply them in a professional manner when working with bereaved individuals and their families
  2. Understand community dynamics, perceptions, and perspectives, and learn how to acknowledge and set intentions to create a more inclusive community environment
  3. Be able to integrate perspective building and meaning making approaches into service delivery methods and implement non-traditional service delivery models to enhance effectiveness in supporting clients